For growing organizations, having a qualified accountant analyze numbers can be invaluable. Given the scale of operations, an in-house CFO may not be justified. Our CFO on Hire focuses on organizations looking for someone to ask the tough questions and keep the numbers on track.


We use Xero and add-on reports to create a set of functional metrics for analyzing performance allowing you to Make business decisions faster


Small businesses today have trading relationships around the globe. Reflecting these transactions in their source currency can be complicated.


We have been doing this for half a decade and understand that your financials need to reflect what actually happens on the field.


Our services don't end by putting numbers into the software. We assist companies to liaise with auditors or tax agencies to ensure compliance. 


When you are used to seeing your numbers on excel or free to use accounting software, it can be daunting to take them to the cloud . Or you have an existing Xero account but need to make sure every usable function is being explored and utilised 


With over 200 Xero migrations under our experience, we have a proven methodology that allows you peace of mind. You will be a key part of this process and would always be in the know 


Are you worried that the internal controls that you put in place are working well? Are you confident the current processes adequately cover key areas? If transactions are being missed due to a lack of SOPs, you are missing out on tax-deductible expenses.


Internal audits are best suited to organisations that manage their own book-keeping. Most people use to in tandem with their VAT filing - as a Quarterly exercise

Looking to enter Asia?

As business grows, it is natural to explore new markets. Singapore is the perfect gateway to South-East Asia and boast refined investment and growth opportunities. 

If you wish to take your UK/US H-qued company to Asia, speak to us about structuring, taxes and what it is really to do business in Singapore or HK

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