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Modern businesses feel that subscribing to new and innovative business tools improves performance. While you can save significant amounts of time automating manual tasks, the processes underlying the use of business tools are equally important.


Our background analysing and learning from industry leaders have led us to the conclusion that best practices can be replicated to a scale that fits the size of your business.


Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for a modern business can be largely automated with the human element concentrating on what they do best - innovate and create experiences to delight your customer

Evalua8 Value Proposition

1. Comprehend the business value chain end to end 


2. Map out the required tools and methodology to be followed and create a process map capturing risk areas and controls to mitigate them


3. Create SOP documents under the company's brand so that it becomes a knowledge asset for the long term


4. Educate staff and other stakeholders on how SOPs fit into and will enhance individual and organizational performance



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