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My Start-Up: Roxxare - Norbert Berényi (Co-Founder)

Norbert Berényi and Viktor Márton traveled all the way from Hungary to be part of our very own FirstBourne Accelerator program. I met them to talk more about their business idea as a mentor and was impressed with the efforts they took to establish themselves in an industry scaling fast. Meet ace gamers - Norbert and Viktor and the story behind Roxxare. Here's what happened,

1. Is this your first time in Bournemouth? What do you like about us?

Yes, this is our first time. We like it; people are calm and nice here. There are a lot of opportunities for startups; I want to thank FirstBourne for getting us here!

2. Gaming is a big industry - tell us about how the idea for Roxxare came about?

We were always passionate about E-sports, It is a very slowly developing industry back in Hungary - we wanted do make it more popular. I was always ahead of my friends in competitive gaming, maybe because I spent double the time on them. So I was always the one who helped them.

When I got stuck at League of Legends, I was not able to find good sources to improve my capabilities; this is where the idea came from.

3. What have you learned in your entrepreneurial journey so far?

Where should I begin? I am the happiest person alive because I made the choice to leave uni. Entrepreneurship taught me way more than my studies in my life. How to deal with people, manage a crisis, show up on time, how to plan ahead, how to work with someone on an equal level, manage my time. So a lot of things, this is an endless list I think.

4. When we spoke recently, you mentioned you want to keep this company forever. That's very passionate - what are your plans in growing this. I know it's still early stages - but what's your vision for the brand?

We want to become the number one educational platform in E-sports. We decided to create this company because this is something we adore . I have always been playing, and I always will. So, why not monetise this and launch a solution that will help millions of gamers out there?

5. How is the start-up culture in your country (Hungary) - is there government support? Or it's privately funded, do people go into business straight from college, or after gaining some experience in a work place?

The startup scene is advancing very very fast. There are some government funds that have appeared recently. But it is mostly backed by investors outside Hungary. This is my personal experience - so not backed by solid facts which people may prefer.

Of course, the startup scene is nice and very welcoming, we have worked in a co-working space back in Hungary called Demola, and we have attended a startup accelerator called Design Terminal's Techlab. Both of these helped in our formative stages to instill a spirit of collaboration and community.

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