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Global mobility and the Xero fit

Two business truths that are not going to reverse in the future - global mobility and the cloud. We live in a business century where people (even SME people) have to travel. We also live in an era where data on the cloud is considered safe and almost a requirement for ease of doing business.

Xero is a small business accounting software that has seen exponential growth in less than a decade. To say that it offers this "mobility" to be more efficient would be an understatement - is that at the core of their success? Sharing a few thoughts here,

Xero solves a problem - it makes bookkeeping and accounting an easier task than it usually is. As an Accountant, I have first-hand experience on how delightful the experience is. How about,

1. Direct bank feeds in four main markets - New Zealand, Australia, the US and the UK - you don't need to enter bank transactions line by line into an accounting software

2. A one ledger system (can support multiple logins)

3. No backups for financial data stored - they do that really well on their own

4. In the 6 years I'have used the system, it has not crashed or been "offline"

5. Constant updates and added features that again solves critical problems raised by users

These are just a few of the wonderful things 300,000 users around the world love about this software.

I found this video which beautifully captures why a business owner chose Xero. You can find the original video at this link.

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