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Businesses today grapple with tough questions - will I succeed in a funding round? Why can't I ever understand what's happening to cash in my business? They need someone to give answers quickly, without the jargon associated with accounting and corporate compliance. 

Our team is made up of - experienced accountants with a commercial outlook, company secretaries with 10+ years of hands-on corporate expertise and data analysts exploring new technologies such as big data and predictive accounting. We serve clients who are single founders to those that have 80+ share holders. 

Give us a call and find out if we are the right fit. 

Client said...

We spend money in multiple currencies, but would like reports that summarises all our spend in US$

We delivered...

Xero to capture spend in the exact currency of expenditure. We run reports in US$ using the multi-currency functionality. An exact match to their requirements

Client needed...

Actionable insights more frequently than a month-end analysis. 

We designed

Weekly reports that combine financials and non-financials like project costs and mile-stone analysis. Client is happy with how quickly decisions can be made week on week

Compliance deadline missed...

We always say - Do the right thing, finish your books, get your compliance registers up to date, extend your AGM with ACRA and make your filing within the extended deadline. We will help you get this in order, just like we have helped many others before you!

Client had this issue...

With an approved funding round, client struggled to get his compliance registers in order and panic set in...

We helped...

Recreate all registers from scratch, liaise with the solicitors who handled funding and had a happy client with money in the bank within time limits


100% online accounting with the most user-friendly software available for SMEs today 


Get your compliance registers in order and make sure you are ready with your share cap tables before that funding round

soft audit

The perfect solution to ensuring your books - both accounting and compliance are up-to-date and as required under laws of the land

growth consulting

Get ready for your growth event - whether an exit, an M&A or winding down an SPV. Specialist services aimed at fast growing companies in more than 1 jurisdiction

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March 13, 2019

Small business accounting - where the biggies fear to tread?

February 28, 2019

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