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Once you have SOPs in place, a periodic check of whether they are working the way you intended them to becomes crucial. We help organisations test the effectiveness of processes and controls designed to mitigate risks. 


This is a step that differentiates the average organisation from the best in the industry. With the focus squarely on evaluating how well a process that has been set is working, rudimentary and unproductive actions are weeded out. This makes a soft audit a necessity rather than a statutory obligation.


This frees up organisational resources - time, money and energy for the best use it can be put to - Building a better business for the future!

Evalua8 Value Proposition

1. Design a series of tests to evaluate effectiveness of controls set (includes substantive procedures where required)


2. Clearly outline findings with client's responses and suggestions for improvements in a "Performance Brief"


3. Set expectations, enhance or suspend duplicate processes and integrate automation 


4. Repeat the cycle on periodic basis on varied areas within a business



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