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Scaling a business is hard. It is rife with problems - some critical, some not so much. Here's a real story, names are changed for privacy.  Marianne was a client who reached out to us in the UK as she needed guidance from someone who has seen both sides of the world - UK and Asia. We were able to advise her on which country would suit her as a Headquarter based on her specific requirement. How would taxability for personal and corporate income affect her and her investors?


These are hard questions to answer unless you have had the experience of taking many businesses down this path. Our USP lies in the fact that we have businesses in 2 locations led by people who have supported companies through their international market entries, funding rounds and eventually their exits. 

Businesses today are complex - irrespective of size. For fast-growing companies whether in services or product, having the ability to maneuver markets internationally is critical. We specialize in holding-company structures and international scale-ups. Our strategic offices in the UK and Singapore allow our clients to move across the spectrum effortlessly. 


Let's craft your growth story together...

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