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The Asian growth story definitely is enviable. It is also nearly impossible for globally competitive, ambitious businesses to be disengaged with this diaspora. At a juncture where business relations require the presence of an organisation, questions abound.


1. Where is the best place to incorporate a company?


2. What are the implications of tax and compliance for these jurisdictions vis-à-vis the parent / holding company regions?


3. How easy or hard is it to do business in a practical sense in these countries?


We have country partners in India, Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore and Myanmar at present and our collective wisdom of doing business in these regions exceed three decades. If you have a question, we will find the answers. If you need a hand getting established, we will find you the right partners to do that with.

Evalua8 Value Proposition

1. Have a chat to understand what is the requirements you have on hand – take a product to an unknown market? establish a company to make your presence more regional?  be located in a region to access funding?

2. Based on what is needed, connect you with the right partners who can take the journey forward. Evalua8 will put together a comprehensive plan where required to make things smoother and faster. When we speak of company structuring, it’s from decades of experience and with relevance to the changing tax and compliance rules. Be it BEPS or more regional changing rules.

3. We take care of the administrative requirements – be it accounting, audit liaisons, tax compliance or taking care of business permits.


Asia is varied in its cultural impact and richness, so also; doing business in these regions is not always textbook guided. The prime reason is why relevant experience and the right connections matter.


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