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We started this service due to demand from individual founders from foreign nations such as the US and UK who have set up companies in Hong Kong and Mainland China. 

China follows the "Fapiao" system of invoicing and record maintenance for statutory purposes. These are vouchers predominantly maintained in a paper format in Mandarin. Issued by the State Administration of Tax (SAT), they form a critical part of record maintenance for local companies. 

While this forms a statutory requirment, management personnel require a wholistic view of business performance available on demand. We offer this through our specialist "Xero for China" service

Evalua8 Value Proposition

1. Understand what you as a business owner needs to see while accessing and easy to use accounting platform 


2. We set up a Xero account for your Chinese entity and ensure a smooth flow of transactions between mainland China and the holding company (whether incorporated in Hong Kong or overseas)


3. Comprehensive view of group entity performance, consolidation will be done to produce macro level insights



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