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Building a centralised finance function for global SMEs

Evalua8 builds and maintains outsourced finance departments for multi jursidictional SaaS and Web3 companies


What problems are we solving for clients?

We work very closely with the C-Suite of client entities to build and maintain a robust finance function. From being able to produce management accounts to supporting company secretarial tasks during a funding round, our team is equipped to align closely with client requirements within a short period of time. We typically build a finance function from the ground up for an SME within 1 to 3 months.

When we say a finance function, it’s a complete suite of services integrating book-keeping, management accounting, budgeting and forecasting, and larger project management. In this sense, we understand that numbers encompass every function within a Company. Evalua8 serves various industries and are one of leading crypto accountants in UK and specialise in exchange onboarding for blockchain companies

Our Services


The basic stuff - putting your numbers on Xero where you can find it easily

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The in-depth stuff -Detailed analysis of your business progress minus the jargon

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Discover the power of specialized crypto services that fuel success. 

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The real stuff - what is happening to the cash in my business

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  • What makes Evalua8 different from other firms?
    We cater to SMEs that are across jurisdictions. We can do that effectively as our team has worked across India, Australia, Singapore, and the UK. This service is typically only available with the Big-4 or larger consulting companies. We’ve adapted the same model but with a heavy SME focus both price and services wise.
  • Do you work within a company as part of the team?
    We do! We integrate to a clients’ own C-suite and operations team. So, you get a fully functioning finance team with a Senior Accountant and other team members, as required, who’ll handle day-to-day operations and work with your SLT for an efficient and smooth function
  • How do you cost your services?
    Our services are fixed-cost retainers, with a 30 day notice period. We start with a set cost for building your finance department and within a quarter, we can provide an all-encompassing price to maintain and run it. Our clients are generally on a monthly or quarterly service basis. More specific pricing can be provided on request. We do take up a small number of one-off jobs which are very project specific like assisting an HMRC inquiry for example. We provide an estimated range of pricing with an understanding that any additional billing is communicated and agreed ahead of time. With Evalua8, you will never get a surprise bill as we know how that can throw a client's finances out of sync.
  • What sort of services do you provide?
    We provide full suite accounting and reporting for SMEs in the SAAS, Web3 and creative agency sectors. We work alongside senior management team members to provide a fully functioning finance department and cover all functions from basic book-keeping to month-end close. At the higher end of the scale, we provide investor reporting, valuations and exit planning for companies in the sector
  • What's your typical process?
    We always start by having an introductory call. This lasts 30-45 mins. From there, we'd have some clear take aways and usually ends up with a proposal. Once the proposal is finalised with the suite of services needed, we'd introduce you to the relevant team members and start working on your numbers.

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